YouTube SEO Tips

If you are an average Internet user, the chances are really high that you spend a certain amount of your time on YouTube. According to statistics, people spend 15 minutes a day watching YouTube videos, and you have certainly noticed that YouTube videos often appear in search engine results. This is not a coincidence, owing to the fact that this giant is in fact the second largest search engine. Having this in mind, there are a lot of opportunities when it comes to business promotion. On the other hand, not many business owners use YouTube in order to gain more traffic to their website and rank well in SERP’s. There is no need to say that they are missing a lot, so if you are one of the entrepreneurs that hasn’t explored all the benefits that come from using YouTube, it’s high time you did that.


Seize the Opportunity

Many business owners tend to forget that YouTube is very powerful when it comes to doing research. YouTube isn’t just a large network of music and funny videos, but this is a website that features a lot of useful information too. Due to this fact, a large number of YouTube users will use this search engine in order to get the information they need. This might be a review of different software solutions, travel guide, or a tutorial on how to do a wide variety of things. So, your company should have a strong presence on YouTube.


Youtube SEO



SEO Tips for YouTube

After you create your YouTube channel, the next thing you want to do is upload videos that best represent your business. Now, this is the part where you should use different SEO techniques for maximum exposure. You should start with keywords, and the best way to find appropriate keywords is to use one of the two great keyword tools that are Google’s Keyword Tool and YouTube Keyword Tool.


After you have found the right keywords you should make sure that they make it to the title of your video. Another important thing to concentrate on is the description of your video. Here you should also try to use your main keywords, but at the same time make sure that the description sounds natural. If you skip these steps the chances are high that no one will find your video, as YouTube converts every video to flash and this is something search engines usually can’t recognize.


Pay Attention to Transcripts of Your Videos

As you may have noticed, each YouTube video has a transcript, and this is important because these transcripts will affect your ranking in SERP’s. So, make sure that the transcripts of your videos are accurate. You may also want to consider translating your transcripts to other languages, because 70% of YouTube viewers aren’t from the US.


Create Playlists and Use Annotations

Annotations are used to link one video to another, but you can also use them to link a video to your channel or playlists. The reason you want to use annotations is that this will improve your ranking in search results. Another thing that will help you achieve the same effect is creating playlists, as they are indexed separately from videos.

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