Starting your own line of work or simply expanding your influence requires you to focus on online authority. Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds, the World Wide Web is a vast ocean of websites, and getting to the surface takes time and the right choice of marketing. However, as a small business owner worldwide fame should never be your initial goal, you can do so much better by simply focusing on localizing your line of work. Here are a few ways in which you can approach this matter, and why you should opt for such an approach.

Less competition


First of all it is far easier to compete with rivals on a local level than on a global level. If you manage to have a better website, with better SEO than other small business owners in the same town, people who Google your services will find you more trustworthy, more invested in what you do, and reasonably opt for you as their provider.

Better customer support

As a friendly neighbour, people are more likely to trust you. Just ask yourself would you rather order something that takes up to 10 days to arrive or something that can be there the following day. Moreover, if there is some mistake or if you are not pleased with the product, knowing you can find the provider in the same town is a huge advantage. The first thing that comes to mind when something goes wrong with the order, is that you have been scammed – with local providers that kind of thinking is mitigated to a greater degree.

Google supports going local


Whenever someone googles a particular product or service, the result page prioritizes sites that are on the local server. In other words, regardless of the size of your own company even smaller business from across the globe will be prioritized during searches. Regarding that fact, it would be unwise not to optimize your site on a local level, especially if you are a small business owner. It is a great way to even the odds and allow new firms who have good products or services, to stay in business.

You need to secure local dominance before you go big

Even the major and globally renowned companies have started small and local, they did not just appear out of the blue and start generating substantial income.  Truth be told, SEO was vastly different during the very beginning and those easy ways of generating online authority are no longer valid. Still the fact remains that it is virtually impossible to become a website that has a high authority in general, without securing your own base inside your local area. Additionally, even major corporations are still doing local SEO – even if you do advance you should never neglect it completely.

Stick to the basic tactics


Here is what you need to do in order to secure higher domain authority on a local level, and a lot of these techniques are basic tips for any quality SEO campaign.

  • Make sure that your website is optimized for smartphone devices, since a ridiculous number of users and potential customers browse the web using their smartphone or tablet devices.

  • Content on your website should offer rich insight into what you do – thorough descriptions, blog posts that are niche related etc. A relevant piece of content is something that is unique and usually consists of 2000 words or more, but this does not imply that shorter written content is not of any use. Since a great number of people go through the site using their phones, smaller content is much easier to read.

  • Focus on content that is evergreen, like tutorials, tips, creative innovations etc. but stay as close to your niche as possible.

  • Avoid spamming single keywords and generic anchor texts, also stay away from spammy and irrelevant blogs during your guest blogging campaign. These are the things which are very likely to get your site penalized. Find authors who are on blogs with high authority and strike a deal with them to link your content, this is why you need to have a quality articles on your site – they are excellent linkable material.

  • Make sure you have videos on your website, since they will positively affect your ranking. Have introduction videos and elaborate reviews of services or products you offer, and you can have product comparisons in either video or written form. Videos are more potent media than articles if you want to get the message across, so make sure you include them.

As you can see these are some of the usual SEO friendly tactics but if you are to utilize them on a local level, and truly reap their benefits, you will need to include what is known as “Local SEO Factors”.

Local SEO factors you need to use

As mentioned before, you need to avoid single word keywords, or anchor text. Go for long tail keyword phrases and feel free to include your city or region name in them. This is how you make the relevant keyword or anchor text for localized search. Then you should try to use this keyword phrase in your landing page title tag and within your H1 tag on the lander. Also use the phrase as a part of landing page URL and on the content on your lander, of course once again do not use it excessively since it will be regarded as spam, so try to make it seem natural. Lastly, you can embed a google map on your lander which displays the location of your business.

It would also be good if reviews on your site are done on a local level, since they will also positively affect your ranking. Additionally, NAP (name, address, phone number) information should be displayed on your website home page, you can put it above the fold to allow for maximal exposure. Basically, you do a full SEO package but simply on a local terrain with localized keyword and anchor text phrases.


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