Building links to your site is something that gets trickier by the day; therefore the utmost vigilance is needed. However, there are times when you or your link builders commit serious mistakes, mortal sins in the SEO industry. Let’s take a look at them one at a time:

Follow up with Webmasters

You’re going to only want to get links from high quality sites. To do this you would have to personally contact the webmasters and ask for a link, provided your content is going to benefit their audience they would send a positive reply your way.

However, there are times when one e-mail doesn’t suffice. You’re going to have to send 2 or maybe 3 to prove that you’re really interested in their website and not just spamming all websites in your niche with hopes of receiving free backlinks.

Study the Content of the Site

In order to get a positive reply you’re going to need to write a personalized letter to the webmaster. This is possible only when you truly know the aim of the website in question. The best way to educate yourself is to look at the About Us Page, the Home Page and of course the latest blog posts.

Check the Advertising Page

Some websites have a special advertising page where you can read about their terms. Some sites only accept paid links (which in most cases are no-follow, at least they should be), whereas others only offer site wide links. So if you’re looking for a text-link on a particular article don’t bother contacting such webmasters, as it would just be a waste of your time. Some even explicitly state that they don’t respond to such e-mails.

Keep an Open Ear

Webmasters are not fools. They know their audience better than you. After all, they’ve got all the metrics. So don’t beat yourself up over it. If they tell you that your content isn’t going to benefit their audience, accept it as Gospel. However, if they tell you that they already have a similar resource, they probably liked what you have to offer. In this case, ask them if there’s something else they need that you could provide.

Stats aren’t everything

Managing a link from a site with a high domain authority is great, but relevance is more important. On another note, if you find a new site with low domain authority that is in your niche grab the opportunity and reach out for a link. You may not benefit much at the beginning, but the potential is great.

Get to the point

We all receive a lot of e-mail every single day and a huge portion of it is from unknown people. Ask yourself how many mails do you just delete without even opening? Plenty right! Then there are those where you just read the first paragraph and then hit delete.  Therefore, when you write an email to a webmaster make sure that you address it to the right person (You usually find all the necessary information on the website).

You’re going to want your opening paragraph to contain all the details and try and restrict the size of the email.  Even if you’ve mentioned all you need initially followed by loads of fluff about your blog, the webmaster won’t hit reply – no one replies without reading the entire mail.  So don’t lower your chances by writing too much.

Don’t worry too much about it

All these habits are easy to get rid of. All you need to do is find high quality sites, take a look at what they offer and do online. Try to learn more about the person you’re contacting so that you could write a personalized email and finally, keep your email short and to the point.

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