Search Engine Optimization in Jaipur – Place Your Website at the Top!

Did you know that India had the fastest growing online market in 2012, rising 41% from the previous year?


Top rankings, more customers, increased conversions and higher sales are all the focus of hundreds of online Indian businesses. Are you keeping up with the competition?


Search Engine Optimization is considered to be the most powerful and cost-effective process that influences your search engine rankings. With substantial online growth in India, Search Engine Optimization in Jaipur needs to be extremely competitive. Khandelwal & Cottrell can achieve your business goals through effective SEO strategies that boost your rankings, target your customers and increase your sales and profits.


Why Do You Need Search Engine Optimization in Jaipur?

  • Getting on Page #1 of Google is essential. If you’re not Page #1, your website will most likely not be viewed – this results in lost traffic and lost sales for you!
  • You have less than 30 seconds to impress customers before they leave your website and go to a competitor – don’t let your website disappoint your visitors!

Customised SEO Packages

We don’t believe in flat SEO strategies or a one-size-fits-all approach. Our Search Engine Optimization packages in Jaipur are fully customized so that they suit your organization. What works for another business may not work for yours, and we take the time to understand your business and develop a comprehensive Search Engine Optimization strategy that is tailored to your needs and goals.


Key Phrases

Keywords and key phrases are the backbone of great Search Engine Optimization. Overlooking the importance of key phrases or choosing the wrong key phrases can lead your company down the path of low rankings, poor performance and high risk. Khandelwal & Cottrell have extensive experience in the key phrase area and we utilise crucial tools like Google AdWords, Google Insights and Google Trends to conduct thorough research and target the right key phrases, for the right audiences. We can target anywhere from 5 to 50 key phrases for your business.


SEO & Developers

Successful Search Engine Optimization in Jaipur also involves working closely with your website developers, who may not thoroughly understand how to optimize and code your website to comply with Google guidelines. We will liaise with your developers on a regular basis to make sure your desired website results are delivered, both on the page and off the page, at your social media sites.

If you don’t have a website developer, Khandelwal & Cottrell can implement any updates for you.


Continued Optimization

Maintaining traffic, increasing conversions and engaging customers through great web content are all part of our continued optimization services. We employ Google Analytics to monitor and report back to you on your website performance and we continually adjust and enhance our SEO strategies to make sure you maintain your rankings.


Link Building

Link building is one of the many ways in which we continue to optimize your website. Focusing on your key phrases, we create powerful on-page and off-page link building campaigns that enhance the popularity of your website and influence search engine rankings. Link building campaigns can take place in the way of blogs, articles and guest posts, forum posting, PPC, social media strategies and more.


Trustworthy SEO

Worried about ‘black hat’ SEO or being penalized by Google? Don’t be! At Khandelwal & Cottrell, our Search Engine Optimization services in Jaipur are 100% trustworthy and reliable. We build your traffic and rankings in organic, natural ways so that you stay within search engine guidelines and don’t risk penalties. We can also identify any ‘bad’ practices you might be engaging in via your website without knowing it and we implement the right steps and solutions to make sure these are fixed and don’t harm your rankings.


Top rankings, white hat practices, correct key phrases and organic links: To learn more about Search Engine Optimization in Jaipur, contact us here.