Pengiun 2.0 – Think Smart, Stay Safe

The Penguin updates aren’t anything you should be afraid of if you know what you’re doing and apply only the right SEO techniques in order to make your site rank higher on the SERP’s. You’d first have to scrutinize your entire site to make sure that your past SEO consultants haven’t performed any black hat techniques and then move on from there. These are just a few of the things that you would be able to do in order to progress:


An SEO audit of your entire site


You may already have someone working on your SEO and you may totally trust them. But it’s your website at stake and therefore you must rely on a single individual or company. Make sure that you get a second opinion from another SEO individual as that would guarantee that you’re getting the job done right.


An independent SEO consultant can enlighten you on the quality of SEO work that has been done on your site, helping you to understand the reasons of penalty and they would be able to guide you and prevent you from being penalized in any way.


Have you been buying links?


If you’re into buying links to your site, it’s about time that you stopped this as it’s not going to help you in anyway. The only effects that it would have on your site are negative effects and an overall decrease in your rankings.


Even if you’re not penalized at present make sure that you stay away from SEO companies that buy links on your behalf as that would surely lead to your downfall in the long run.


Stay away from link building softwares


There are plenty of software that promise to build you links overnight, you should stay away from them as the quality of the links that they get are totally useless and may only cause problems. SEO is all about hard and smart work and no form of automation would be able to replace the human mind.




Understand how SEO works


Don’t force your SEO providers to deliver rankings fast. If you force them, they’re definitely going to try and make you rank using black hat techniques. Instead, you should understand how SEO works and focus on ensuring that you are getting quality links over a period of time rather than judging the success of your SEO campaign by rankings only. Quality comes at a price and with time and therefore you must have the patience to wait.


Build a list of spam links in case you have been penalized and start contacting webmasters to remove those links. Just don’t go for reconsideration request without doing the basic groundwork as Google will ask you what initiatives you have taken to remove the bad links. You may also make use of the Google disavow tool once all other efforts to remove spam links fail.


Guest blogging helps – but you need to be smart


There are many blogs and websites that have high page rank (PR) which may not be justified. They might have purchased a high PR domain and started their blog/website. If you post articles on such websites and get backlinks they may do more harm than good.


So before doing a guest post do check various parameters like domain authority, alexa rank and check if the PR of the website is justified (considering the amount of content and authority they have). The best thing to do would be to look at the site or blog and decide whether you would be happy reading content on it. If you think it’s good, then go ahead and post your article, even if the PR is low it would increase over time and your article would age too!


Don’t Spam


Gone are the days where thousands of social bookmarking and directory submission links would get you ranked. Understand that SEO has changed and hence your SEO strategies should also change considering the changing times. Get less but high quality links via quality content.


Monitor your SEO work


Don’t leave the SEO solely in the hands of SEO providers, you should regularly ask for the backlinks that have been created so as to keep your SEO campaign healthy. If your SEO provider refuses to provide such a report then use tools like open site explorer or download a backlinks report from webmaster to check the health of the backlinks built. Don’t blindly trust your SEO provider.


Vary your anchor text


Ensure that you have around 50% of your anchor text as your brand name while the rest should be varied between the keywords. You can use a mix of your brand name and your website URL. Moreover just be natural and let your campaigns look natural.


Therefore, on the whole if you don’t get bad backlinks to your site you have absolutely no reason to worry about the Penguin updates at all. There’s nothing that they would be able to do to you as long as you manage your campaigns well.


About the author – This article is written by Abhishek who possess considerable SEO experience and has executed over 300 SEO assignments. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences via the comments section below. For more information please mail to

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