Link Building Techniques You Should Avoid

Both modern and outdated SEO strategies and techniques have been based on a few similar or exactly the same practices, and one of these SEO practices is link building, also known as backlinking. Even though link building can be a service offered by serious and trusting SEO companies, there is always a danger lurking from the dark, meaning that link building can be done in many different ways. Well, most of the ways in which link building is done are basically wrong, and can lead you into serious trouble, such as getting your website penalized by Google and your SEO techniques recognized as spammy. Therefore, read on to find out more about the link building techniques you should avoid in your SEO strategy.


Link Farming


Link farming is one of the most commonly used link building techniques, and it is at the same time one of the worst link building techniques you can decide to go with. Namely, link farming consists of getting a backlink to your website by placing a link on a website that has too many outbound links. Generally speaking, a backlink from a website like this doesn’t do you much or even any good in the long run, but it certainly represents a big risk, as Google and other search engines will see this as something that is bad for your website’s ranking in search engine results pages.


Paid Links


Many website owners and webmasters have received the following message after paying for links: “We’ve detected that some of your site’s pages may be using techniques that are outside Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.” Google has become incredibly sophisticated at determining where the links to your website came from, and they will send you a warning message if you ignore Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. However, you should know that this warning message isn’t the last resort, but rather just a warning, and that you will be penalized if this pattern continues.



Low-Quality Content


Even if you are using the absolute best and the most honest link building techniques, they are meaningless if you do not have quality content to link to and to back up your efforts. Namely, a backlink takes Internet users to your website, and they should find something interesting and worth their time when they get to where the link has taken them. Therefore, even if it might not seem to be important in this equation, the fact is that without quality content, you shouldn’t even bother investing your time and effort into link building.


Concealed Links


Another link building technique that is not recommended at all is concealing links with hidden text and CSS layering. Namely, the hidden text technique is basically a black hat SEO technique that it used to conceal certain keywords and even links on the pages of a website, so that the visitors do not see these writings, but search engines do. So, if you have a black background, you can put many links and keywords on this background and they cannot be seen if they are written in black. However, this is highly punishable by Google and other search engines.


Misleading Anchor Texts


Misleading anchor texts, much like everything else mentioned above, is yet another bad link building technique that can never do your website any good. If a visitor to another website sees your link there, with a certain anchor text, they will expect that the link will take them to a webpage that is related to the anchor text they clicked on. If you fail to do this, Internet users, as well as search engines, will recognize your links as spammy.


Low-Quality Links


Low-quality links are not bad per se, but they can be bad in certain situations. For example, if you have a few backlinks from low-PR websites your website will not get much good from this, but it will not get anything bad either. However, if you have a very large number of low-quality links redirecting Internet users to your website, this will probably have a very negative effect on your overall SEO strategy, as well as the ranking of your website in SERP’s.


All in all, you should create a long-term link building campaign, and focus all your efforts on getting as many low-quality backlinks to your website as you can, while keeping in mind all the rules imposed by search engines, your anchor texts, your web content, and everything else that has an effect on the success of your website.

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