Khandelwal & Cottrell is a web marketing company with presence in Jaipur and Sydney.

Khandelwal & Cottrell is run by experts in the IT and SEO industry. Our company has over 25 years of experience, and a vast amount of knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. Our extensive knowledge gives you the chance to rest assured that you will, not only be in good hands, but our skills, formal training and education are there to back it all up.


Meet the team:


Abhishek Khandelwal – Over the past 7 years Abhishek has executed more than 200 SEO campaigns for global clientele. He is a seasoned blogger and his articles on SEO and online marketing have been published on more than 40 blogs. He is a Post Graduate in International Business from Delhi University.


Richa Khandelwal – Aside from holding a Master’s degree in International Business from Rajasthan University, Richa Khandelwal also has more than four years of SEO experience in working with clients from over 20 different countries. Richa Khandelwal has also been involved in numerous content writing assignments, which have only enriched and enhanced her SEO experience and expertise.


Virginia Cottrell – With over 15 years of experience in working with clients from the IT industry across the Asia Pacific region, and with a formal education that includes degrees from London Business School, Australian Institute of Project Management, and ITIl Service Management, Virginia Cottrell is a business professional in the true sense of the word. Virginia Cottrell has held senior management roles at successful IT companies and has worked in Services Business Planning and Services Account Management, B2B Sales & Marketing Management, as well as Technical Account Management & Client Relationship Management.